Rory Sweetman 1981 Trinity 4.jpg

Rory is a Kildare-born New Zealander, who has written extensively on aspects of the Irish diaspora. He lives in Central Otago, and is currently working on a history of the Orange Order in New Zealand.

“The quality of an Otago education is valued by both students and employers.  In 2010, 90% of respondents to the annual Student and Graduate Opinion Surveys provided a positive assessment of the quality of the teaching they received.  Apart from such numerical results, one is struck by gestures of appreciation such as when a lecturer in Irish History (Dr Rory Sweetman) was presented at his final lecture with a silver fob watch and a farewell card signed by his third year students.”

University of Otago Vice-Chancellor’s Review 2010 (David Skegg) pp.3-4


Dr Sweetman on his graduation day (10 December 1981) with Trinity's campanile and West Front corner in the background.