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Rory Sweetman is a Kildare-born New Zealander who has written extensively on the history of the Irish diaspora. He has degrees in history from Trinity College Dublin and Cambridge University.


Rory Sweetmans’s Latest Releases

Defending Trinity College Dublin, Easter 1916: Anzacs and the Rising

Above the City. A History of Otago Boys’ High School 1863-2013

Faith and Fraternalism: A History of the Hibernian Society in New Zealand

Rory is contactable for the purchase of books at rory@rorysweetman.com

Above the City is a highly enjoyable and illuminating account of how the school grew from modest and hesitant beginnings in a raw colonial world to a 21st-century institution confident of its identity. Written with insight and humour, this is local history with attitude. The well-chosen illustrations enhance Sweetman’s deft tale of a school and a city.”

NZ Listener


Bishop in the Dock: the sedition trial of James Liston


“Utterly superb.”

Michael King

Bishop in the Dock: the sedition trial of James Liston

“a worthy addition to the literature on the Irish diaspora, and a reminder that what the British thought of as their colonial empire was simultaneously the spiritual empire of the Irish Catholic Church.”

The Tablet (London)

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